Alina Sylka-Kliniewska

Alina Sylka-Kliniewska graduated from the University of Gdansk with Master’s degree in psychology. Since 2005, she has been working at Diagnosis and Therapy Center for Developmental Disorders, conducting therapy of children with such developmental disorders as autism, expressive speech delay, and mental disabilities. She was a leading therapist first, and later she became a main therapist as well. She has been working as a psychologist at Special Educational Center No. 2 in Gdansk since 2005. She takes care of diagnosis and therapy of children with moderate and severe intellectual disability. She has taken part in training camps conducted by a Norwegian supervisor, Torleif Rosseland. Since October 2011, she has been working as an internship supervisor at post-graduate studies of Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of Social Psychology in Sopot, where one of her main tasks is conducting practical exams.