Ewa Flemming

Ewa Flemming graduated from the University of Gdańsk with a Master’s degree in Psychology, specializing in psychology of children and adolescents. During her studies, she did apprenticeship at Early Intervention Center in Gdynia as well as in the Institute for Child Development Support in Gdańsk. He wrote his MA dissertation on the development of emulating skills of autistic children being under behavior therapy, under the supervision of Jacek Kozłowski, PhD. During her studies, she completed numerous courses, including: ‘Behavior Disorders and the Procedures of their Reduction’, ‘Applying Behavior Analysis in Therapeutic Practice’, ‘Psychologist’s Work with Children with Social Functioning Difficulties’, ‘Diagnosis of a Small Child’. She completed post-graduate studies on early support, education and therapy of children and adolescents with developmental disorders at the University of Gdańsk. She did half-a-year internship at Diagnosis and Therapy Center for Developmental Disorders.