Karolina Dacyszyn

Karolina Dacyszyn graduated from the University of Gdańsk with a Master’s degree in Psychology, specializing in psychology of children and adolescents, social pathologies and juridical and penitential psychology. During her studies, she completed numerous trainings, including: ‘Applying behavior analysis in Therapeutic Pracitce’, ‘Diagnostic Skills and Tools of a Child Psychologist’, ‘Working with children with Developmental Difficulties’, ‘Behavior Disorders and the Procedures of their Reduction.’ She participated in numerous conferences on child and adolescent psychology. She also completed a course on animating children’s games, organized by Animator Academy (Pol. ‘Akademia Animatora’). She volunteered at Special Kindergarten with therapeutic Profile for almost a year, where classes with the use of Sherborne Method were conducted. In August 2014, she did apprenticeship at Institutt for Anvendt Atferdsanalyse, directed by a PhD from Norway, Jens Skar. She has been working at Diagnosis and Therapy Center since February 2013, when she did her apprenticeship and internship.