Katarzyna Wojtaś

Due to her love for books she graduated with a degree in Philosophy, and due to her love for children, she graduated from the University of Gdańsk with a degree in Psychology. During her studies, she did numerous internships both at schools and therapy centers for patients with mental retardation and autism. The places of her internship included Autonomous Primary School of Gdańsk, Special Revalidation and Educational Center for Autistic Children and Adolescents, and Family Help Center for the district. In order to prepare for working with children in the best way possible, she participated in conferences and trainings on behavior therapy, as well as on diagnosing and working with children with developmental disorders: e.g. Sherborne Method, Diagnosing a Small Child, Behavior Therapy of Autistic Children, School Readiness Diagnosis. In June 2011, she did half-a-year internship at Diagnosis and Therapy Center for Developmental Disorders. Later on, she began to work in the center as a therapist.