Weronika Samojło

Weronika Samojło is a student of the fifth year of Psychology, specializing in neuro-bio-psychology, at the University of Gdańsk. During her studies, she completed numerous trainings preparing her to work with children, such as: Diagnosing Children, Severe Developmental Disorders, Strategies of Making Contact with Children, Mental and Developmental Disorders in Early Childhood, Behaviour Disorders and Procedures of their Reduction, Working with Children with Social Functioning Difficulties. She completed the first level of Sherborne Method training. During her studies, she used to work as an animator at Creative Games Center (Pol. ‘Centurm Zabaw Twórczych’) and as a babysitter. She did her apprenticeship and 3-month long volunteership at the Institute for Child Development Support. She has been working at Disorders and Therapy Center since 2014, when her apprenticeship started.