Monika Zielińska

Monika Zielińska is a psychologist with a PhD in Humanities. She is a lecturer at the University of Social Sciences (Pol. SWPS) and at the University of Gdansk. She is a director of post-graduate studies on Applied Behavior Analysis (SWPS Sopot). She also leads Diagnosis and Therapy Center for Developmental Disorders (Pol. CDIT), the only center in Poland which focuses on holistic therapy of children with such problems as eating disorders, selective mutism, social anxiety, habitual constipation, movement and voice nervous twitches, oppositional defiant disorders, basing on the rules of behavior analysis. Her professional field of interests embraces psycho-pathology of children and adolescents, behavior disorders and the process of reduction of such disorders. She authored a book, ‘How to react to students’ aggression?’ She co-authored numerous books and articles published in such research journals as ‘Developmental Psychology’ or ‘Psychology at School.’