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We love children even more than teaching!!!

We are a team of psychologists, pedagogues, speech therapists and therapists who have one thing in common. We love children and want to help them in as effective a way as possible. We do not talk about problems, we try to face them! How? It’s simple. We work exactly on what the problem is. If a child does not speak, we teach them to speak. If the child is aggressive, we show them that aggression leads to nowhere.


We have been conducting post-graduate studies in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) [link] together with SWPS (University of Social Psychology) since 2011. During classes, we teach future therapists how to put the rules of applied behavior analysis into clinical practice.

What differentiates us from others? First of all, during our studies we have the opportunity to observe patients for as many as 350 hours during 2 years. Our aim is to enable our graduates to observe the behavior of 100 different people. Moreover, during classes we learn to observe the behavior of animals, too, as we conduct dog training classes as well. We learn how to diagnose patients by observing the process of diagnosis. We observe how Monika Zielinska, PhD, conducts interviews and observation. During theoretical classes, we get to know the most notable specialists from Poland and abroad. Prof. Ostaszewski teaches us the history of behavioral thought. Iwona Ondire, a certified behavior analyst, familiarizes us with the theoretical background of ABA. Jens Skar, PhD, teaches us about unwanted behaviors. Prof. Per Holth teaches us how to build verbal behaviors, while Torlaif Rossland, Diagnosis and Therapy Center (DTC) supervisor, who works with patients, teaches us how to eliminate unwanted behaviors.

Every ABA student can take an internship in a Norwegian institute cooperating with DTC, ‘Institutt for Anvendt Atferdsanalyse’ (http://iaa.no), conducted by Jens Skar.

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mobile: +48 692489013

email: cditzielinska@gmail.com

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